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The Benefits of Strangers -Wholock-
Summary: They both lost the one they loved. But sometimes all you need to heal is someone to listen.
Pairings/Characters: Sherlock/John, 10th Doctor
If someone had told John Watson an hour ago that he'd be patching up a total stranger in his sitting room, a stranger with two hearts and a really odd air about him, he'd have laughed them out of London.
But that's where he was right now. The stranger was laid out on the couch, his beige coat spread out underneath him as John focused on the gashes criss-crossing his leg and torso. John tried not to think about all the times it was a black coat instead. The memories still flashed in his mind.
His patient gasped, and John forcefully focused himself on the present.
"So I can see why you didn't want to visit St. Bart's. They would've kept you more for your two hearts than your injuries." He finished off the stitches he was working on. "What's your name? I hate to say 'hey, you' when my hands are covered in someone's blood.
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 22 5
Late Night Shenanigans
Summary: John is trying to sleep. Sherlock isn't letting him. So John shuts him up in his own way. Fluff.
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
John rolled over in bed, trying to find a position that would let him sleep. He was exhausted, but tonight just wasn't his night. His leg throbbed from when he'd banged it against a metal bar, and his right shoulder sent flashes of pain every time he moved. Of course he over-extended it catching their guy. Bloody criminals never knew when to give up.
By some miracle he actually found a comfortable position. He soon drifted off into a mostly-asleep state. Oh well, it was good enough for him.
He had a few blissful minutes of rest before his bedroom door slammed open.
John groaned and tried to cover his ears with his pillow. Sherlock's voice still made it through to his ears.
"—and I wracked my mind but I could not identify the compound, and that is entirely unacceptable, so I decided to experiment with known compounds
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 32 12
1000 Reasons Why
Summary: John comes home after shopping to find Sherlock left him a note. Turns out there are plenty more where that came from.
Johnlock proposal fic, because there aren't enough out there and that needs to be fixed.
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
John cursed under his breath as he jiggled his keys in the lock, the groceries precariously balanced on his free arm. He kicked the door shut behind him and went to the kitchen to unload his bags. He stopped in the doorway when he spotted the... substance sitting on top of the table.
The table they prepared food on and ate off of.
"Sherlock!" he groaned, edging around the table and putting the groceries on the counter. "I thought I told you to keep your experiments off the table?"
He received no answer, and quickly checked the flat. He found no Sherlock, and was about to start worrying when his phone went off. He unlocked it and saw it was a text from Sherlock.
Lestrade called me out on a case. Boring, but
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 49 36
Mature content
But Why Is the Jam Gone? -Johnlock- :iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 43 9
Happy Birthday, Arthur -USUK-
Summary: Just a short drabble about England's birthday.
Pairing: USUK
"Alfred! What the bloody hell happened in here?"
The kitchen was a complete mess. There was flour all over the walls and counters, a stick of butter slowly sliding down the far wall, and something that looked like it could have been a fruit at one point, but was now painted across the doors of the refrigerator.
Alfred smiled up at him, trying and failing to look innocent amid the war zone that had been his kitchen. He rubbed the back of his neck as Arthur carefully manoeuvred toward him.
"Ah. Well, I was making something and forgot to put the top back on, and things escalated from there."
Arthur snorted and plucked Texas off of Alfred's nose, wiping them clean on his shirt before returning them. "And just what were you doing in here in the first place?"
Alfred blinked at him. "You mean you forgot? Awesome! That makes it an even better surprise!"
He dashed to the oven and yanked it open. Arthur watched a
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 27 8
Morning Nano-Generators
Summary: A typical morning in 221b. Est relationship. Just a short oneshot.
Pairing: Johnlock
Sherlock inhaled deeply and opened his eyes, blinking rapidly as sunlight blinded him for a moment. John must have left the curtains open after his shift again. He sighed and moved to get up, but found himself pinned by a strong arm around his waist.
He huffed and smiled slightly, running a hand through John's hair. Honestly, it always looked like a disaster in the morning, no matter how tamed it was when he went to bed the night before. He gently combed it down with his fingers, counting the gray hairs and assigning recent cases to the ones that had appeared since his last count.
Twenty hairs. Eight on the left temple, twelve on the right. Divided evenly by the number of cases, that was approximately 3.33 grays each since his last count. Not bad, although at the rate he was going, John would be completely gray by the year's end.
Good thing he liked his John gray. It gave him an
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 20 13
Tweezers -USUK-
Summary: Alfred walks in on Arthur plucking his eyebrows. Just a cute little oneshot.
Pairing: USUK
Alfred woke suddenly and sat up, groping for his glasses. He could hear quiet curses coming from the bathroom, and realized the crash that had woken him had been Arthur dropping something. Knowing he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, he got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He stopped in the doorway, blinking a few times to make sure his eyes were still working.
Arthur was plucking his eyebrows.
Arthur was plucking his eyebrows.
Arthur was
... it did not compute. He rubbed his eyes and looked again, but nothing changed. Arthur was still standing there, holding a mirror in one hand and a pair of tweezers in the other, occasionally wincing as he plucked at a sensitive spot.
He was tempted to slap himself, but if this was real he didn't want Arthur to know he was there yet. Good thing Arthur couldn't see him from where he was standing. He edged slightly to his left
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 28 8
Mature content
Chocolate Valentine -GerIta- :iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 82 57
Still the Same -GerIta-
Summary: Germany finally comes home after the war. But he's a little... different than what Italy remembers.
Pairings: GerIta
Italy sighed as he bounced around the house, hair pulled back under a bandana as he dusted. He needed to work off his nervous energy, and cleaning had always calmed him down.
The war was over, the dust had settled, and he would finally see Ludwig again.
He'd gotten a letter, just this morning, saying that his boss was finally letting him visit. As soon as he'd worked his way through enough paperwork to justify visiting to himself, Ludwig would be on his way to Italy. He would be arriving sometime today or tomorrow, and Italy could barely contain himself.
It had been far too long since he'd been in Ludwig's arms. Letters just weren't the same after you'd had them right next to you for years.
Far too soon, the house was spotless, and Italy sprawled out on the couch at a loss for what to do next. It was too early to cook, but in his cleaning frenzy he'd m
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 155 48
My Last Lullaby
Summary: Alfred never thought the boy he'd loved and raised would one day be his enemy. Maybe that's why it hurt so damn much. Civil War fic.
Characters: America, OC
He'd known.
The moment he'd picked up that bright-eyed, smiling little boy, he'd known that his little darling would try to take his place, tear him to pieces. But he still cradled him in his arms, played games with him, laughed together, and ran through the fields with him. He had still loved him.
Is this how England had felt, when he realized that it had all slipped through his fingers?
Alfred couldn't stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks as he stared at the picture, taken only a little over a year ago. They were smiling, seemingly oblivious to the war brewing on the horizon. For just that moment, they had been completely happy. Just him and Sam, spending their first vacation together after several years apart.
He threw the picture on his desk, pulling on his coat and picking up his papers as he walked o
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 13 20
Wall of Flowers -Pre RusAme-
Summary: Alfred pays Ivan a visit just after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and helps drive away the loneliness he feels.
Pairing: Pre-RusAme
Alfred pulled his coat more tightly around him as he dashed out of the airport, with only a small bag with his toiletries and a change of clothes slung over his shoulder. He called a taxi, thanking his lucky stars that Russia had been willing to teach him his language before their friendship – and their diplomatic relations – had fallen apart.
He gave the driver Russia's address, hoping that he hadn't moved in the many years since he'd last visited his home. Bouncing in his seat, he watched as the landscape changed from urban to suburban to borderline rural.
The sun was touching the horizon by the time they pulled up to the house. He quickly paid and got out, immediately turning and following the path to the front door. The house was oddly silent and dark, none of the laughter and chatter he used to hear flowing from its wa
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 35 12
It Hurt
Summary: Italy turns his back on Germany after the invasion. Germany just does what he thinks is necessary. Some historical basis.
Pairing: Pre-GerIta if you squint and tilt your head.
The slap echoed off the walls mockingly as the nations stood in a shocked silence.
"You bastard."
They were riveted to the scene in front of them. Never, never had they seen Italy as angry as he was now. Cheeks flushing an angry red, hands clenched at his sides, eyes fully open and glaring poisoned daggers at the blond holding a hand to his red cheek.
"You bastard. How could you?"
Germany backed up a step, hand still pressed to the darkening mark on his cheek. Italy compensated, getting right back in his face.
"How could you march on my land, burn my cities, kill my people?! They knew who was coming for them. They saw the uniforms and tried to run, tried to surrender, but you shot them like they were pigs for slaughter. I thought you were my friend, Ludwig. But this –
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 59 10
Mature content
Warm Me Up -CubaCanada- :iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 14 16
Mistletoe Dinner -GerIta-
Summary: It's Ludwig's turn to host Christmas dinner, when he and Feliciano get caught under the mistletoe. What follows is a bit of a surprise to the other nations.
Pairing: Germany/N. Italy
Laughter filtered through the slightly open door, and Ludwig smiled a bit. He had been chosen as the host for this year's Christmas get together, and all their friends were gathered in his dining room as he and Feliciano bustled around the kitchen. A few others had tried to get in to help, but were quickly dissuaded by the reactions of the two countries. A wooden spoon and baster could be very effective weapons.
"Hey, West! Is the food done yet?"
Ludwig rolled his eyes and called back, "Almost! Just a few minutes more!"
Feliciano spun and handed him a platter with the appetizers. "Here, Ludwig. Bring these in while I put the finishing touches on the dinner."
He carefully balanced the platter as he pushed open the door. "Will you be fine with the –"
"Ve, of course I'll be fine! I've
:iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 270 91
Mature content
Vermilion :iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 49 32
Mature content
Come and Get It :iconcatastrophicmeltdown:CatastrophicMeltdown 47 39


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Tagged by RitzyCrackers

1. OTP?

Depends on the fandom, but my top three are GerIta, Johnlock, and Spirk... I think. XD

2. Why are they your OTP?

I just love their interactions so much. I feel like they would work damn well together.

3. Are you on tumblr? If so, give us your URL.

Yup! Same as my dA.

4. What book needs a bigger fandom?

Umm... I can't really think of one. I'm not good at pulling things from the top of my head ^^;

5. What paring needs more love?

Germerica. (I JUST LOVE THEM, OKAY?)

6. Do you ship classmates, co workers, and/or friends?

Uh, no. Not unless they obviously have the hots for each other, then I try to shove push them in the right direction.

7. Justin boots, or Ariat?

I have no idea what those are, and I'm way too lazy to look them up.

8. Neon orange, or bright purple?

Bright purple.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt?

Can't choose won't choose.

10. Favorite kind of sweet?


Now for my questions:

1) Have you ever danced like an idiot with someone?

2) What's the last show you saw?

3) Gilbird or Pierre (from Hetalia)?

4) Favourite book?

5) The last movie that made you cry?

Supposed to be ten, but oh well. |D

I'm too lazy to tag right now, so just do it if you want to. :)
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